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Preview: Matt Roloff Heads To Zach & Tori’s New House, Truce?

The Roloff patriarch Matt Roloff swings by his son Zach’s new home in this exclusive sneak peek from the June 7 episode of Little People Big World, hoping for a nice visit. The father-son duo have been at odds this season, as viewers of the show are well aware, when Matt refused to sell Zach the north half of the family farm.

lpbw zach and tori house

Matt Roloff Brings Lawn Mower As Peace Offering?

This explains why Matt’s meeting with Zach and his daughter-in-law Tori will be “easy.”Maybe the mower can help begin that process of saying, ‘Hey! Let’s move on Matt said in preview. The sneak peek is very telling as the two men bond over Zach’s new property.


Zach, on the other hand, is less eager to make amends and move on, as he notes in his own confessional. “It’s nice that my dad brought the lawnmower, but the relationship is still tense. It’s not like what it was.” As the preview moves along you see the ice starting to crack.

lpbw - zach-roloff

Zach Explains Why Things Are Different Now

Despite the fact that Zach had previously expressed his displeasure with Matt, he explains why this time is different, adding, “I’m just at this age now, where it’s like, ‘No! I’m not gonna just turn around again. It’s not gonna be the same.'”

lpbw- matt roloff

Matt Compares Zach’s Joy To His 30 Years Ago

“I couldn’t help but see the excitement in his voice. It reminded me of the excitement I had 30 years ago when I started building the farm.”

So, where do Zach and Matt stand right now?  Zach opened up in May with E! that things are “all good,” adding, “We’re all family.” Many fans also think most of the drama was made for ratings, not that it didn’t happen but alittle more intensified for televison.

LPBW Zach & Matt

The Thing Zach Roloff Regrets

He now regrets sharing any information regarding the situation on social media. he said, “but I think I made my thoughts pretty clear.”

lpbe zach shed

Zach and his wife, according to him, are just ordinary people. “moving on.”

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lpbw zach - tori

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  1. its so nice to see the 4 some getting along, yes, it is odd but why not? they’re both happy,life goes on, people should let them be to do their own thing, and im just as guilty to word from my mouth, they’re off to a good start, so i think us media people should let it alone, keep our opinions to ourselves and quit putting out thoughts out there to ruin them, their going to do what, where and when they want to do, God bless the 4 of them, enc. zack and tori.


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