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‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Makes Shocking Confession About Amy Roloff

LPBW fans were taken aback during an episode on this season when Cary Chandler made a shocking revelation about the relationship between herself and Amy Roloff. For many seasons Little People Big World fans saw what they believed to be a tense relationship. No doubt it wasn’t easy for Amy to come to terms with her ex-husband moving on with a former Roloff Farms employee. Even more difficult was that Amy Roloff and Caryn Roloff were friends at one time.

However, the speed at which Matt and Caryn got together left Amy wondering if they had a relationship well before she and Matt split. So of course any relationship between Caryn and Amy no doubt was backward and tense. Continue reading to see where these two ladies’ relationship stands today.

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Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Hosts Awkward Dinner

Earlier this season on Little People Big World Amy Roloff and her new husband Chris Marek decided to invite her ex-husband Matt Roloff and his long-time girlfriend Caryn Chandler over for dinner. This was a thank you for the generous wedding present Caryn ad Matt gave the newlyweds. LPBW fans recall Amy and Chris wed on Roloff Farms. However, the couple decided it was best for Matt and Caryn not to be invited. Still, Matt and Caryn gifted The Mareks two airplane tickets to visit them at their Surprise, Arizona home.

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff was surprised when her hubby suggested spending Valentine’s weekend with Matt and Caryn. However, Amy and Chris decided early February would be ideal. So at the awkward dinner, Amy and Chris thanked Matt and Caryn for their generosity and talked about dates. Additionally, the foursome did touch upon the drama surrounding Zach Roloff and his wife Tori Roloff’s rather abrupt move to Battle Ground Wahington. Still, the two exes and their new significant others had a great time together.

LPBW: Caryn Chandler Admits Amy And Chris Are Two Of Her And Matt’s Favorite People

Little People Big World fans were shocked when Caryn made a huge admission in her confessional. Matt’s girlfriend was speaking about spending time with both Chris Marek and Amy Roloff during pumpkin season. LPBW fans recall Chris stepping in as a tour guide when Zach Roloff opted out of working pumpkin season after his failed attempt to buy the farm. Caryn let fans watchers know that she and Matt actually enjoy spending time with Amy and Chris.


Now LPBW fans realize much of the drama between Caryn, Matt, and Amy was trumped up for the sake of ratings. In reality, these four are the best of friends. Plus they do a great job co grandparenting the seven Roloff grandchildren they currently share.



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  1. amy ought to use her married last name, thats not right of her doing that to her new hubby, also, caryn knew matt alot longer than amy knew chris, so matt n caryn are well mated,they are soo happy and i for them.

  2. Amy needs to get and stay away from caryn- the two couples do not need to be friends- after all Matt and Her did behind backs agains Amy-
    Amy us going to get it again as that’s the type of person Caryn is!! All for what she can get And her sneaky sweet smile


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