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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Preview: Plath Marriage Over – Kim Moves Out?

Kim and Barry Plath of Welcome to Plathville are suffering after ten children and nearly 25 years of marriage.

Barry opens up about his relationship with Kim fracturing in the recent episode. Welcome To Plathville Barry Plath

Barry Plath Admits He Dropped The Ball In Ways

The TLC star says “Kim and I, we’ve gone through a lot in the past few months, as far as relational things,” Barry begins. “We’ve had conversations here and there and the feedback I’m getting is she isn’t happy. There was this whole issue of just taking her for granted, and it was a real big wake-up.”

“Looking back on my relationship, I think I just missed lots of opportunities to show Kim I love her. Like taking time to go out on a date, that was a concept that I couldn’t put action to. But, for Kim, that was an issue. In my mind, I’m like I want to make this work, so I’m like, ‘Life is full of mistakes, and let’s see what we can do second chance-wise.'”

Welcome To Plathville - Barry Plath

Welcome To Plathville: Barry Plath Hopes The Dance Studio Is Just What Kim Needs

Barry goes on to state that he believes buying the dancing studio — which Kim is planning to establish this season — was a step in the right way. But it’s evident that he believes it’s going to backfire.

Palth said “That was a way for me to show that I value her, that I esteem her, that I want her to succeed. And, you know, she did thank me for that, but it didn’t turn her heart back to me,” he says. “It’s given her a place to escape. There’s an emptiness. A shift has occurred. Her presence is absence, so I feel it.”

welcome To Plath Kim Plath

Barry Says Kim Has Moved Out Of Their Bedroom

“We’re making an effort to better our relationship but it’s not working,” Barry says. “Kim has moved out of our bedroom and is sleeping on the couch.”

“There’s effort that’s got to be taken in any relationship if you want to grow together. It’s so strange. I sometimes feel like I’m in a marriage Twilight Zone. In some respects, I’m like feeling left behind. I’ve always thought marriage would be ’til I die, but in reality, it looks like it could end. Soon.”

welcome to plathville - kim plath

Right now on Welcome To Plathville Barry & Kim’s adult children are in turmoil. From Moriah Plath’s devastating breakup with longtime boyfriend Max to son Micah’s big move to L.A. Also Ethan and Olivia Plath have moved to Florida and things are not going as smoothly as all dreamed.

Watch new episodes of Welcome To Plathville every Tuesday at 10 pm on TLC right after Little People Big World.

Plus, same-day streaming is also available on Discovery+.




  1. This is all drama. Irish break up is life. It’s not like she was raped or eft pregnant. Likewise Micah spreading his wings is while different for him it is more ties of passage.

    Kim has a lot of chances because of the show and her hubby letting her rule the nest. They decided to have ten kids and that will effect your life This is a lot put on tv drama

  2. I hope they can make their marriage work and get counseling! Having 10 children had to be a ware on them both!!

  3. Having a breakup can be really devastating . She should be able to feel how feels for as long as it takes. She don’t need to have people telling her how to handle her emotions & when should be over it. I am speaking by experience. The hurts doesn’t go away overnight. I still feel the effects of my bad breakup .

  4. Kim appears to be a controlling unhappy person. Counseling is in order. Having ten children and keeping them completely away from society was her choice.


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