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‘Little People Big World’ Tori Roloff Gives Sneak Peek Into Her New World

Little People Big World star Tori and Zach Roloff recently sat down and opened their private new world of their new family of 5 for TLC fans to see.

Before welcoming their baby boy Josiah Luke on April 30, Little People Big World‘s Zach Roloff and his wife Tori Roloff questioned how their elder children, Jackson Kyle, 5, and Lilah Ray, 2, would react to their new sibling.

LPBW Tori - Josiah

Tori Roloff Opens Her Home To LPBW Fans

Tori explained in PEOPLE interview”We were preparing ourselves for jealous moments or for things to kind of go awry every once in a while, but they literally haven’t. They’ve both been so affectionate and just in love with Josiah and it’s been so much fun to watch.”

The Little People Big World star added  “They are slightly obsessed with him and it’s adorable,” she says. “They’re just both very concerned about where he is, what he is doing. They take turns feeding him the bottle and want to bring him blankies and binkies.” she explained in her People.com exclusive.

LPBW Zach - Tori - Jackson - Lilah - Josiah

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff Praises Tori On Motherhood

Tori, 31, who is of ordinary height, and Zach, 32, who was born with achondroplasia (the most prevalent form of dwarfism), are now happily settled into life as a family of five after nearly a month with their newest addition.

“We’re really stoked,” says Zach adding, “It was awesome watching Tori once again become a mom and just watch her honestly do great and welcome a new baby like no one’s business.”

tori roloff - josiah roloff

Tori Roloff Dishes About Probability Of More Babies

Tori feels it’s improbable, but not impossible, that they will have more children in the future.

“I’d never say never because already I can’t believe that those first few days are already over. This one’s been more emotional this time just because I went into it with the mindset that this is most likely our last baby,”

LPBW Lilah Roloff

“It just changes your outlook on the hospital and your time spent there. We’ve always had the best nurses and doctors. And so it’s just sad to think that, ‘Oh, we’re probably not going to be back in this situation ever. We’re done with this part of our life.’ And now we get to just enjoy our three babies. Never say never, but I think I’m saying never.”

lpba - jackson - lilah - josiah

The Roloff Family Farm Drama Over?

Tori and Zach’s relationship has reached a new chapter after months of public family strife. The camera follows Zach and his father, Matt Roloff, as they dispute over Zach’s desire to buy the family’s agricultural estate on the north side.

For Zach, he’s learned that he can’t conduct business with his father, so he’s chosen to keep their relationship private while they work on it. Zach has grown up and seeks to maintain contact with his father, Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff - Josiah

It seems the Roloff men’s family feud is over and everyone can enjoy new baby Josiah in unity.

Professional pictures credit: Monique Serra photography

LPBW Tori Roloff - Josiah
LPBW Tori Roloff – Josiah

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