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‘LPBW’: Zach & Matt Roloff Family Feud Update, Is It Over?

LPBW star Zach Roloff is opening up about the rift between himself and his father Matt Roloff. Season 23 of their family’s hit TLC show returned last week and one of the most talked-about plot points was the falling out between father and son Roloff after Zach and his wife Tori Roloff’s offer to purchase the North side parcel was rejected.

Now several months after filming has wrapped, the Little People Big World star gives fans and followers an update on where things stand now with him and his father. Continue reading to see what steps these two stubborn Roloff men have taken to mend their relationship.

Matt Roloff - caryn Chandler LPBW

Little People Big World Update: Zach Roloff Owns His Part In ‘Feud’ With Matt Roloff

LPBW fans were devasted to see the destruction of the once-close relationship between father and son duo Matt and Zach Roloff. The current session kicked off amplifying the battle these had over the sale of Roloff Farms. Sadly a deal was unable to be made and feelings were hurt. Both Roloff men said and did things they regret.

Zach Roloff LPBW

Now that several months have passed since these heated scenes were filmed for the latest season of Little People Big World, Zach shares the relationship with his father has improved. Time has done its part to heal the wound. Plus, several family milestones have occurred which helped these two to recomnnecct and move on. Zach Roloff admits he was not innocent in all this family drama. The father of three owns his part in what went down. This is a very mature admission. Additionally,  this sets a great example to his young children, especially Jackson Roloff,  about the importance of family.

lpbw matt roloff barn

LPBW: Zach Says He And Matt Are Focused On Being Dads, Sons, and Grandpas First

Little People Big World celeb Zach Roloff has the feud with his father where it belongs –in the past. Zach and his wife Tori recently welcomed their third child, a son, Josiah Luke Roloff. So Zach is laser-focused on being the best husband, father, and example to his immediate family. He and Tori are adjusting to their new life in Battle Ground Washington, The couple found a church, and a new school for Jackson, and are making new friends and building their new life in the place they are supposed to be.

Tori Roloff LPBW

The LPBW personality says that now that the business aspect of his relationship with his father is over they can move on without that lingering over them. There’s no denying Matt is an adoring grandfather to all his grandchildren. However, he has a special bond with his firstborn grandson Jackson for so many reasons.

Matt Roloff - Jackson Roloff

Further proof the ‘feud’ is over is the latest milestones for Zach’s family that Matt Roloff was a part of. Matt has met his new grandson more than once pus he also was front and center last week for Jackson’s belated fifth birthday party. Zach says these family events like birth and birthdays bring them together and remind them all of the love and importance family is to them. Matt and Zach’s relationship is far from perfect. It’s a work in progress and both Roloff men seem to be enjoying regaining their closeness.

Matt Roloff - Josiah

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  1. I’d like to see Zach establish himself in some sort of career outside of TLC. The TLC checks will eventually stop. He act like a bit of a man-child.

  2. We love Zac and Tori I hate that his Dad and he were not getting along but Matt has been like this all the time he doesn’t get along with anyone unless he can control them Karen is only with him because of the money and the program she will get tired of him too just wait and see. I pray the best for Zac and Tori and the kids

  3. No he doesn’t. I found Zach to be extremely mature this season and wish them all the best with new addition to the family. Shame on Matt for not selling Zach a share of the farm. He always said he hoped they would stay on the farm and now refuses his bid. He should give it freely to his son. He’s not askng for a business transaction after all.

  4. Well Caryn, now you will get the abuse. You wanted it so bad, enough to ruin Zac and Matt’s relationship.
    Zac. It’s time for you to spend your time with man that showed up for your competition and talks about how much he will miss your family.

  5. Caryn is still the root of all this tension. She said “we” extend the olive branch but it’s up to them to take it. Honey, you need to apologize to Zac and Torri, because you had no business in any family affairs. You weren’t engaged or married, so your input on the situation was wrong. Next time go get your nails done and the family business be the family business!

  6. For goodness sake give it a rest about Caryn she is Matt’s partner whether you like it or not. Cant understand after all this time why you keep going on and on Jelousy is the only thing i can think of

  7. If Matt chooses Caryn to be a part of any discussion, then you or no one else has the right to pass judgement. In the end its none of our business what goes on behind closed doors. And all you Karens can comment all day long and your opinion at the end of the day….means squat….just saying.


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