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‘LPBW’ Tori & Zach Roloff Reveal Future Baby Plans

Little People Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff have had their hands full, in the best way possible, after having their third child last month.

As we previously reported Josiah Luke Roloff arrived three weeks early on April 30, joining brother Jackson Kyle, 5, and sister Lilah Ray, 2.

tori roloff baby luke


Little People Big World: Zach & Tori Finally Talk About Life With 3 Kids

Tori and Zach Roloff sat down to update their followers on life with three kids now that they’ve had some time to settle in as a family of 5.

Although he’s only one month old, Tori said that baby Josiah is already a good sleeper like his brother and sister. “I mean, I only had to wake up once last night, so it’s not terrible,” Tori shared “Like I said, he’s a pretty easy kid.”

LPBW jackson lilah - josiah

More Kids For The Roloff Celebs?

Such an easy kid, in fact, that Tori wondered whether she and Zach could handle one more baby, although he says they’re done adding to their family.

Zach chimed in “We’re still probably done after this.

Tori added: “It’s unlikely though not totally off the table”.”I’d never say never because already I can’t believe that those first few days are already over. This one’s been more emotional this time just because I went into it with the mindset that this is most likely our last baby,” she said.

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Little People Big World: Big Brother Jackson & Big Sister Lilah

Zach and Tori mentioned that their older two, Jackson and Lilah, have been tremendous helpers at home with Josiah.

Tori & Zach are thrilled to see Josiah’s siblings helping with him. Tori added  “They both try to pick him up & they bring his Binky. Lilah’s really concerned that he has his diaper changed. And he’s eating.”

Zach also added “I’ve been telling everyone this, but they’re very overzealous sometimes though. We have to be like, ‘Slow down.’


Josiah Roloff Was An Easy Mesh In This Family Dynamic

Despite the fact that their baby boy is only a month old, Tori and Zach claim he already has his own personality. Tori says “He’s definitely more easygoing like Jackson was as a baby.”

Zach Chimed in “With this kid, he’s very tolerant, we allow them to just dote over him because, if they do wake him up, it’s cool.”

In terms of the family dynamic, Tori and Zach feel as if their baby boy has always been with them, since the adjustment to parents of three was so smooth.

The mother of 3 said it was “like going from one to two was way harder than going from two to three “I said it on social media. It’s like Josiah’s been here this whole time.”

Zach Talks About The Recent Family Property Drama and Where It Stands

The latest chapter in Tori and Zach’s relationship follows months of public family conflict. Little People Big World camera follows Zach and his father, Matt Roloff as they fight over Zach’s desire to buy the north side of the family’s farm estate.

For Zach, he’s discovered that he can’t do business with his father, so he’s opted to keep matters entirely personal while they work on their relationship. Zach has moved on and wishes to have a family relationship with his father Matt Roloff.

Matt Roloff - Josiah

As recently seen on social media Matt posted an adorable picture of himself holding baby Josiah. Grandpa Matt was also at Jackson’s 5th Birthday bash. So it seems all is well in Roloff world.

Zach & Tori rave about their new home and property and are very excited to see what the future holds.

lpbw - Jackson Roloff


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  1. The picture of Jackson hilding the baby and Lilah beside him looks like it should be an advertisement for something. Very professional and adorable at the same time.

  2. I think the confrontation about the Negotiations between Zach and his Dad should have been part of the show i knew when Zach would try and buy some of the Farm Matt would want some out rage’s price that he knew Zach could not pay Matt gave Amy a hard time about how much she for her half of the farm Amy got tired and finally gave in to an unfair amount for her. Zach has worked so hard on that farm and helped his Dad a lot but i think part of the problem that is a HUGH INFLUENCE Matt is Caryn and she is not even part of the family she is stirring the pot and the other is Matt has long talked about selling part of the farm it is so SAD this is how i see it.

  3. I would never say a nasty dirty word like s—t but Caryd is a big problem. She should stay out of this and let Matt and Zack handle buisness. He did find without her all these years and i think he should have bought Amy in to see how she feit about things after all they built the farm togather.caryn should stay out of it she is just a hire help girlfriend untill she becomes more she should mine her own business.come on Matt i thiught you were better than this to let a woman run you. You never let Amy do it why Caryn cause you are afraid of loosing her. Please Matt the world is full of woman. And you sre a very likable person.you want have a problem.am not saying breaking up with Caryn am saying stop giving her to much athorthy thats all take care of your own stuff.. it’s kind of sick to see you at her bet and call i will say Amy stood up to Chris when she had to . Matts whiped for sure it’s like he is insecure without her sad really sad i have got so i have lost respect for Matt altogather. I think since he owed Amy money he should have asked her about Zack offer not Caryn

  4. If I were Matt and had 4 children I would divide the farm in 4 parcels and give each child 1/4. and Let each one pay Matt 1 Million dollars each. Every one profits and his children, grandchildren futures are secured.


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