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‘LPBW’ Sneak Peek: Amy & Matt Roloff’s Awkward Dinner

LPBW fans are accustomed to seeing Amy Roloff and her ex-husband Matt Roloff fight on their family’s hit TLC show. Of course, the divorced couple had their fair share of issues to work out. It’s now been several years since their divorce. Both Matt and Amy have found love and happiness with other people. Amy married Chris Marek last summer while Matt is in a long-term relationship with Caryn Chandler.

The latest Little People Big World spoilers reveal Amy Roloff and her ex-husband Matt Roloff along with their significant others gather to share a friendly dinner. This was Amy’s idea as a thank you for Matt and Caryn’s generous wedding present. The foursome is seemingly getting along well and having a great time. However, when Matt Roloff raises the subject of their son Zach & Tori moving away with the grandkids.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Amy Invites Matt & Caryn Over For Dinner

Little People Big World watchers recall Amy and Chris tied the knot on Roloff Farms. Sadly Amy and Chris opted to not have Matt and Caryn at their wedding. However, Matt and Caryn sent Amy and Chris a generous wedding gift which included two roundtrip plane tickets to visit them at their Surprise Arizona home. So Amy and Chris decide to invite them over for a thank-you dinner and discuss when this trip will happen. The night was going well until Matt had to open pandora’s box and ask Amy her thoughts on what went down between him and their son Zach.

lpbw amy roloff

LPBW Spoilers: Amy Roloff Says What She Feels In Confessional

The latest TLC spoiler video for Little People Big World shows Matt Roloff asking Amy Roloff what her thoughts are about Zach and Tori moving. Earlier in that same video, we see Zach saying. “the deal with my dad didn’t work out”. Those failed negotiations were the driving force for Zach to relocate away from what he deemed as a toxic situation and toxic people.

Little People Big World matriarch Amy Roloff didn’t hold back in her confessional about her feelings over Matt and Zach’s failure to make a deal. Amy says, “there’s a difference when negotiating with family and some ‘Joe-Blow’ “. Amy made it clear she wanted one of her kids to buy the farm. Sadly Matt had Caryn Chandler in his ear and choose to prioritize money and profit over family and legacy. Zach excepted Matt to go into the negotiations as grandpa first and a business man second. So of course Zach took the failed attempt to purchase very personally.

LPBW - Amy Roloff - Chris Marek

Although Amy rather not be put in the middle of this family dispute, really it’s unavoidable. Plus it’s clear Amy is on the side of her children when it comes to the sale of Roloff Farms. Check out the preview below.

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  1. Matt is an A hole, always has been!! Do not allow him, nor his money hungry sidekick on the Show anymore!!! Amy, Chris & the kids & grandkids will bring in the viewers!!!

  2. Absolutely hate, hate, hate Caryn. Would appreciate not having to ever see and her nasty Ways.


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