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Amy Roloff Breaks Silence – Says She Pities Her Kids Over Matt’s Deal

Little People Big World‘s Amy Roloff has spoken out about the sale of Roloff Farm, as well as the farm-selling turmoil involving her ex-husband Matt and their kids Zach and Jeremy Roloff.

Matt and Zach Roloff are at differences over the sale of a portion of Roloff Farm, as viewers of Little People Big World saw during this week’s Season 23 premiere. The discussions between Matt and Zach for Zach to buy the farm were not featured on the episode, but Matt’s longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler stated to viewers that Matt went into the conversation with Zach as a businessman, while Zach went into the conversation as Matt’s son. Matt also chastised Zach for bringing little Jackson into the talks.

Matt Roloff LPBW

Little People Big World Social Media Frenzy

The family feud spilled over onto Instagram last week, with Zach taking aim at his father after Matt blamed his sons in an Instagram post for forcing him to sell a portion of the property. Matt Roloff put it on the market for $4 million.

The LPBW star shared her feelings on the farm sale, Matt’s actions toward their sons, and more in an Instagram Live chat with her friend Lisa.

“It’s just a very terrible scenario, in my perspective, because this is something that affects me personally” “The business was part of our personal life, so it will never be just business,” Amy added.

Matt Roloff Caryn & Jackson

Amy Roloff Wanted More For Her Sons

While Amy’s sons did not expect their father to give them a handout or the farm, they did want him to treat them better than a random stranger.

“You can’t treat folks who are directly a part of your family like any other vendor just because it’s business.” I’m not like the rest of the vendors. My boys are not like the rest of the vendors. These are your young men!

Nobody expected anything for nothing, or for less than…

She said, “I think they all realized Dad deserved something.”

Amy said that Matt’s business emphasis has harmed the family over the years.

“Everything has a price, and this has a very high price,” she explained. “However, we will always see things differently, which is terrible. But I pity my children. Something that they were raised with did not turn out the way we expected.

LPBW Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff Roloff Kids
LPBW Matt Roloff – Amy Roloff Roloff Kids

Little People Big World Matriarch Says Farm Will Always Be Part Of Them

“So it’ll be sort of weird if it gets sold to some random stranger,” she added, later adding, “I’ve always said that Matt may have constructed a lot of stuff and had the creative ideas, but the farm was the family’s.” The farm was a part of all of us, and what it is now is absolutely a part of all of us.

Amy no longer owns any portion of Roloff Farm, as fans are aware. Amy sold her share of the property to Matt after she and Matt split in 2016. The first sale took place in June 2019 for $667,000. Amy sold Matt another 32.28 acres a year later for $975,000 according to public records.

Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA
Roloff Property Pic Credit: Wallstreet Journal RUUM MEDIA

Amy Roloff Tells Fans Matt Still Owes Her Money

Regardless of how Amy or anybody else feels about Matt’s actions, Amy assured her Instagram Live audience that they are his to make.

“It’s Matt’s decision,” she explained. “He has a loan with me to pay off my portion, the buyout amount…so he is legally obligated to pay my half…but he owns it.” So it’s his decision; he’s free to do whatever he wants. However, because he owns it, he has complete control over what he does with it. He is no longer required to report to me or to anyone else.”

Despite the turmoil, Amy said that there will likely be one more pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, though it will most likely be the last. Matt Roloff has also confirmed there will be another pumkin season at Roloff farms. Matt said the property that is up for sell has nothing to do with the Pumpkin Patch part of the property.

Matt Roloff LPBW

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  1. Amy needs to stay out of it! She should have thought about selling her part to her sons! She was too busy buying a home for Chris! Chris sat back and waited for her to buy the house then he made his move!


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