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‘LPBW’ Spoilers: Zach CONFIRMS Caryn To Blame For Family Rift

LPBW fans are sad to see the breakdown of the once-close relationship between Zach Roloff and his father Matt Roloff.  In a TLC promo video, we learn Zach and his wife Tori Roloff made an offer to buy the farm. Then later after the offer was declined we hear Zach say the temper between himself and his dad and Caryn is still high. Caryn really should not have been a part of the negotiations. Now it appears her role is the real reason why these two Roloff men couldn’t come to terms.

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff
Little People Big World – Matt Roloff – Zach Roloff

Little People Big World Spoilers: Zach & Tori Break Silence Of What Really Went Down – Caryn To Blame

The latest promo video dropped ahead of the Little People Big World Season 23 premiere shows Zach and Tori recounting the way things really went down when they attempted to buy Roloff Farms. In the video, we learn Zach and Matt each brought their significant other to the negotiation table in the hopes of keeping the discussion more like a family get-together.

tori roloff - zach roloff lpbw

However, Caryn certainly made her presence known and interjected herself into a family and financial matter she had no business doing so. Zach says Caryn’s involvement altered the meeting. Zach says Caryn rubbed her the wrong way when she said during the meeting, “WE cannot do that”. Zach felt that if his dad couldn’t meet one of his terms he needed to say that to Zach. However, Matt Roloff let his girlfriend do his dirty work.

LPBW Caryn Chandler
LPBW Caryn Chandler

In fact, Caryn Chandler was the one who announced this meeting is over and said, “this is over. So Zach and Tori left. This meeting is what caused Zach and Tori to relocate away from the farm they hoped to raise their growing family.

LPBW: Zach Roloff Says His Father Said He Wasn’t Good Enough – Matt Raised Voice First

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff claims his father was unfair and hit below the belt during the negotiations. Zach says his father prioritized money and profit over family and legacy. Matt says Zach came in hot and demanding. However, the latest video shows Zach made a fair offer for the 30 acres that were most important to him including the house, barn, cowboy village, pond, and forest. Then Matt only offered only 15 acres not including the parts Zach and his children coveted the most. Of course, the price was an issue. Matt says a family equity discount was offered. Sadly Zach says that’s untrue. Zach expected Matt to be a grandpa first and a businessman second.

roloff farms pond


The LPBW promo shows Zach saying his father made excuses and accusations about Zach’s character. He says Matt said he wasn’t good enough to run the farm, financially and skills set-wise. In the tense meeting, Zach says it was his father who lost his temper first and raised his voice. Tori says it was uncomfortable and let Little People Big World watchers know that she never wants to see anyone talk like that to Zach again.

Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff LPBW

It’s a heart-wrenching account of what really went down before TLC’s cameras started filming this season. Now LPBW fans who see Caryn Chandler as a gold digger and homewrecker have even more reason to hold her responsible for destroying another relationship in the Roloff family.

zach - tori roloff lpbw

Little People Big World debuts its 23rd season Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm on TLC.

Plus, same-day streaming is also available on Discovery+.

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  1. Can’t stand caryn .. trouble maker… broke-up the marriage … money is on her agenda… loves her self only.!!!

  2. This just breaks my heart! I do understand just how Zack & Tori feel, family is everything and when one side puts money first that relationship is going to suffer. Unfortunately it’s always the children who hurt the most. I do really understand, I was adopted and thought my moms family would always care about and love me and my family. WOW was I wrong, after both my parents passed me and my family was pushed away. It’s been over 4 yrs since my mom passed and her family has pushed me away. From her whole family there’s only 5 that will even talk to me. All this has been very hurtful to me because I thought I was loved and now I know I never really was. I just pray that Matt will stop and realize just how important family really is.

  3. Zack was the one there all those years, not Caryn. Caryn is nothing more than a home wrecker. If we are any kind of decent people, we will no longer give Matt and Caryn any attention ever.

  4. I feel bad for Zach and Tori… I always knew Caryn is nothing but TROUBLE… She’s out for the money 💰 and will destroy that family soon Matt won’t be talking to anyone, I won’t be surprised Caryn is out to get Amy’s new husband now….🤔🤷‍♀️

  5. Caryn should step back and slow her role! I hope & pray Matt makes sure his kids get the farm and NOT her!

  6. I and my now ex husband (I stress ex) bought a ranch in the bay area of California with his parents in the 80’s. It was the final straw that broke our marriage apart and has never ceased to cause problems with our children.
    As far as I’m concerned Zach and Torie, you dodged a bullet. You just don’t know it yet!

  7. Yes Caryn is gonna take it all.especially if they get married.,she really had no say in that discussion. It should have been family only.she gonna get what she wants.and kick Matt to the curb.

  8. time to get rid of the out sider ,that she has nothing to do with this family ,these people have a history ,where she has no history and is very up tight about being left out and so she should be ,,now she comes in when there is money for her ,trouble nothing but from her ,can see it coming always be aware of the newcomers

  9. Sooo sad!!! I can not ever imagine putting money ahead of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. There is no amount of money that can replace the love from your family!! The worst of all is making Zach feel like he is not good enough or smart enough to run the farm. What kind of father does that?? Matt thinks he is the only one smart enough and is rigid in his thinking. The truth always comes out and we now know who is the real problem in this family. So very sorry for Zach and his family but it is Matt’s loss.

  10. She is only in the relationship for the money she had no right to have a say I feel sorry for tori and Zach concentrate on your family you are the important ones good luck ♥️♥️

  11. Nasty move on Caryn’s part. Matt open your eyes and see what this witch is doing to you and your family. She only with you to clean you out. My stupid ex had a woman that stuck him in a home so she could run free and ended up taking everything he had. Stole inheritance from our two kids. She will pay for her deeds some day. My ex husband is appalled am sure of what she did to his son and daughter.

  12. I can’t watch anything that Caryn is involved in. Zach and Tori are actually lucky that they aren’t going to be part of the farm. Living across from Matt and Caryn would have been the same nightmare that Amy was living. You see the brothers and sister moved off the farm. This just seals everything that Amy always said about Matt and Caryn. She always said that they can’t be trusted.

  13. I heard some in a previous show, she worked on the farm for ten years before she and Matt dating.

  14. I have always had Karen pegged as a gold digger. I hope Matt figures that out before doing something stupid like marrying her & leaving her everything. I feel so sorry for Zach & Tori. I wish them the best.


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