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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Shares First Pic With Baby Josiah – Fued Over?

Less than a week before Little People Big World Season 23 starts, TLC star Matt Roloff stunned viewers with a huge announcement that has rocked the LPBW fan base. After turning down two different proposals from his twin sons, Jeremy and Zach Roloff, the father of four finally reveals his plans for the Roloff Farms Property. The burning question is will Matt be allowed to see his grandchildren after this business move?

Matt Roloff Caryn & Jackson

Fans know problems between Zach and Tori Roloff with Matt has been ongoing since Roloff Farm’s negotiations started. Since before little Jackson was born Zach & Tori told Matt they wanted the farm to stay in the family. The season 23 preview video shows negotiations went bad and Zach even used Matt’s precious grandson Jackson as a pawn in the fallout.

Zach Roloff LPBW

Little People Big World Matt Roloff Makes Huge Announcement

Matt announced that he is selling 16 acres of Roloff Farms, which spans 125 acres, after 30 years in the family. He also put the iconic red barn and family home on the selling block.  Needless to say, Tori & Zach did not take it well. They decided to move away to Battleground Washington. The preview video shows a livid Zach Roloff saying his dad was toxic to him and Tori and it is best to leave the situation.

Matt Roloff LPBW

LPBW: Will Matt Roloff Ever See His Grandchildren In-Person again?

Recently LPBW couple Tori & Zach gave birth to their third child Josiah Luke Roloff. With all that has transpired fans have wondered if Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are even allowed to see his grandchildren anymore.

The Roloff family patriarch posted his first picture with baby Josiah at Zach and Tori’s home in Washington. Matt is all smiles. It seems that awful feud is buried and grandpa Matt is allowed to see his grandchildren again.

LPBW Jackson and Zach

Matt Roloff & Baby Josiah Meet

Matt captioned the picture: “Thanks @toriroloff for sending me this amazing photo with newest addition to the clan. So sweet to see how attentive Jackson and Lilah are to new baby brother Josiah. He even opened his eyes to say Hi”.Matt Roloff - Josiah


All Is well In The Little People Big World family?

It seems Matt and son Zach Roloff have buried the hatchet and all is good in Roloff land again. Jackson Roloff just celebrated his 5th birthday and grandpa Matt also video chatted with him. Matt captioned: “The little fella trying to scare his grandpa. Happy 5 years old Jackson Kyle!!”

Jackson Roloff

Tune in to Season 23 of Little People Big World season premmiere Tuesday, May 17th On TLC



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