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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Shares Why She Almost Called 911

Little People Big World Mama Tori Roloff recently gave birth to her third baby Josiah Luke Roloff. It is her second boy and third C section.Tori & her fans felt this third pregnancy was the longest pregnancy ever, Even though she delivered Josiah two weeks early.

‘Little People Big World Tori Roloff Keeps On Truckin

With all the excitement of the new baby, Tori also found time to plan for a great Birthday for Jackson and hubby Zach. Jackson turned the big 5 on May, 12th. Hubby Zach was born May, 10th. Tori also celebrated a wonderful Mother’s day for her first time as a mother of 3.

Tori Roloff LPBW

It Has Been a Tough One For Little People Big World’s Tori Roloff

It has been a long haul with lots of bumps in the roads for this Little People Big World mom. Emergency Hospital visits and heartburn. Mom-in-law Amy Roloff was a big help as well as her own mother. Tori recently shared in her own words how difficult this pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery have been.


Josiah Luke was described by Tori Roloff as a “super difficult baby’ as he slept peacefully in his carseat. She was obviously being funny.

Tori added, “I’ve gotten a lot of notes on how quickly I’ve bounced back.” “I believe in being honest. On Instagram, you can see the best moments. You can tell when we’re at our finest.” Hinting that fans do not see the bad times too.


Tori also mentioned how painful her third C-section had been. The LPBW star revealed, “My pain was so awful the first night home that we almost phoned 911.” “Fortunately, I was able to resume my medicine regimen after that.”

The Roloffs New Life & LPBW Season Begins

Tori and Zach Roloff recently moved to Battleborn Washington after Zach’s dad Matt Roloff rejected an offer to buy a portion of Roloff Farms. Matt recently shared that he put the iconic property up for sale and fans have been brutal over this for the most part. The new season of Little People Big World Starts May, 17 which looks to be explosive with all of the Roloff family drama.

Make sure to tune in to Season 23 of TLC’s Little People Big World on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm.




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