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‘LPBW’: Jackson Roloff Gives Grandpa Matt Another Scare?

Little People Big World celeb Jackson Roloff gave Matt Roloff another “scare” recently. Did Zach Roloff’s son give his grandpa more bad news?

Little People Big World: Zach Roloff & Matt Roloff Still Feuding?

As Little People Big World fans know, there’s a lot of tension surrounding Roloff Farms and who would take the reins once Matt Roloff decides to hang it up. Matt Roloff has said that he wants his youngest son Jacob to take over – and he seems to be grooming him and teaching him the ropes. But many viewers feel Matt snubbed his older sons, Jeremy and Zach.

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff

Zach Roloff made an offer to purchase the North Side of Roloff Farms – which Matt Roloff rejected. Matt believed Zach felt entitled to the land, and promptly shot the offer down. Meanwhile, from Zach’s point of view, Matt Roloff wants to “control” everything. Suffice it to say; this has put the father and son at odds.

Zach Using Jackson, to Mediate?

Despite the family squabbles between Matt and Zach, there’s no denying that Matt loves his grandson, Jackson Roloff. In fact, it’s obvious that Matt has a soft spot for Zach Roloff’s firstborn.

LPBW Jackson and Zach

Even so, Zach took advantage of that, using Jackson to deliver the news to Matt that Zach and his family would be moving away to Battle Ground, Washington. At the time, many Little People Big World fans felt it was petty for Zach to use Jackson to deliver the bad news. Meanwhile, according to the most recent updates, Jackson gave his grandpa another scare.

Little People Big World: Jackson Scares Grandpa Matt (Again)

With Jackson delivering the news that he and his family would be moving away, it’s understandable that Matt would be on his toes in case Jackson had more bad news to deliver. Luckily, though, it was good news this time.


It turns out, Jackson Roloff recently celebrated his birthday. And Zach and Tori’s son is officially five years old. Matt Roloff shared a picture of his grandson while wishing him a happy birthday. Based on the pic, Jackson looks like he is coming after the camera. And according to Matt, he joked that Jackson gave him a “scare” based on his pose in the photo. Cha Cha Caryn chimed in as well saying..”Happy birthday cutie pie Jackson. Cha cha loves youuuuuu!”.

Jackson Roloff


As Little People Big World fans know, Zach Roloff celebrated his birthday recently – and Jackson’s followed shortly after. Meanwhile, even the family fur baby, Murphy, celebrated a birthday, too. And with new arrival Josiah coming into the world right at the end of April, this time of year is very special for this branch of the Roloff family as sweet birthday messages for Jackson continue pouring in from fans.



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