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‘LPBW’: Zach Roloff Plays Dirty Uses Jackson To Break Matt’s Heart

LPBW spoilers for Season 23 are more intense as the series makes its return to TLC’s schedule in just over a week. Little People Big World fans are anxious to see all the latest updates from the Roloff family and from the previews, there’s a lot of drama ahead.

Earlier spoilers for Little People Big World’s new season point to a rift between Zach Roloff and his father Matt Roloff. The two are at odds after Zach’s deal to buy Roloff Farms was rejected. This of course weighs heavy on the entire family, especially Zach’s pregnant wife Tori Roloff.

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Now the latest promo shows just how deep the divide really is. There’s a lot to unpack and it’s truly heartbreaking to watch Zach use his own son Jackson Roloff as a pawn in his war with his father.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Zach Accuses His Father Of Looking To Control The Situation

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff and his father Matt Roloff’s relationship took a huge hit when Zach’s offer to purchase the North Side of Roloff Farms was rejected. Matt felt Zach came in with a sense of entitlement. Matt says Zach didn’t come to negotiate but to demand. However, Zach’s version is a bit harsher. Zach clearly took it personally and dug into the past with his emotional reaction

Zach Roloff LPBW

Zach felt that his father was the reason the deal didn’t go through.  In the video, Zach says, “He’s looking for a situation that he can control,” he says in the video, “You’re not dictating the terms here. You’ve dictated too much for too long.”  Also in the video, we learn Zach and the kids saw Matt almost daily until the offer situation. According to Matt and his long-term girlfriend Caryn Chandler, they were completely cut off. This, of course, hurt Matt who adores spending time with his grandkids, especially Jackson.

Matt Roloff LPBW

LPBW:  Zach Manipulates Jackson Into Delivering Big News To Matt Roloff

According to the new Little People Big World promo video, Zach and Tori take their kids, Jackson and Lilah, to the farm to give Matt and Caryn the news they’re moving. It’s an awkward situation since all parties have not seen each other in weeks since negotiations went awry. However, instead of Zach telling his father the news he’s moving his family to Battle Ground, Washington, Zach has Jackson deliver the news. No doubt this is a gut punch to Matt Roloff. Caryn Chandler is blown away by how Zach handled that situation. Caryn says in her confessional interview, “I mean, who the f–k does that?”.

LPBW Jackson and Zach


Sadly, the LPBW family we all have loved over the years is rocked to the foundation over money. It’s even more of an unfortunate situation to use the younger Roloff grandchildren as pawns. Since it’s been months since these tense scenes were filmed hopefully Zach and Matt have mended fences. Zach and Tori welcomed their son Josiah this past week. It would be a shame for Matt not to be a part of Baby Josiah’s life from the start.

Jackson Roloff - caryn Chandfer

Little People Big World debuts its 23rd season Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm on TLC.

Plus, same-day streaming is also available on Discovery+.

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  1. For the first time, I agree with Caryn. It is weird. I like Zac, always was my fav of the Roloff’s but geez, it is still his father’s farm and if Matt wants to sell it for more than Zac offers, then so be it. He is wrong to be so insulted that he moves his family away. He is not only hurting his father, but also his children. Sad situation.

  2. This whole thing is sad. No Child should be put in this situation. I doubt if I watch anymore!

  3. I agree!!! Its matts farm,, so yes Zac, your father does call the shots when it concerns the farm!

  4. This is just stupid. All Caryn wanted was to get away from the farm and move to their house in Arizona but now all of a sudden she wants to live on the farm, this was her problem when she started messing around with Matt. Now she wants it all

  5. Caryn is so wrong.. She is just concern for Matt because there goes extra money if Matt doesn’t need it. What is wrong for Zach hoping to get the property at a fair price. If Matt cared so much like he says of his grandkids he would try to negotiate. And as far as Zach moving to Washington, so What.. They go where they can afford. Did Matt feel the same of his other son moving away?? I have kids that moved far from me. Life goes on…I miss them but we manage visits…

  6. It was wrong for Zack to involve Jackson and the relation of the message that they’re moving. It really made Zack look bad for the first time. But Matt have to remember all the years he was an absentee father leaving in the middle of vacations and always put in his business first. There’s a reason why the kids love Amy so much

  7. I’m on Zacs side since the show first aired the plan was always for the kids to take over and run the farm. But of of course for Matt is always about money. Family to him always comes with a price. So I’m happy for Zac and Tori they have to do what is best for them cause they are all about family and that’s what I respect about them. Oh and congratulations on baby Josiah he’s absolutely beautiful.

  8. Farm was built to stay in the family. No reason Matt did sale to them. How great would that of been. Matt is a control freak and Caryn a home wreaking $$$ lover. Go to Arizona. I think she trying to take everything away from the kids and give to her own problem childten

  9. matt is a stubborn born idiot,his girlfriend caryn,is the root of all the whole promblems if she would of just stayed out of the family business there would of been no trouble between mat and his wife,but no she got to stick her dam noisy ass in to everything,she like been a family home wrecker and she needs to leave and not come back.zack is a very good person ,his dad is the one that driving everyone away .with the help of his so what girlfriend,i wouldnt let him see my grandkids if zack is smar tand maybe he would get the hint. only child he got that talks to him is the youngest one and i dont think that going to last to long either.

  10. I think it was wrong of him to use there son but at the same time it was wrong of his dad not to sale that to him he all ways saying he wanted his kids to have it this just showed me he did not all he wants is money why because of I belive the home Wrecker we don’t know ever thing behind close doors plus they said they had not seen there grandson that to me is a two way street unless Matt trier to see him nope I ni I am going thew not seeing my granddaughter and I have tried ever thing buy taking him to court witch I never do but it’s dam ifvi do dam if I don’t I have not seen that with Matt he has to have his way are no way them blames someone else he does that all the time he won’t stop until someone puts there foot down and he need to fell some hard sadness maybe it wake him up and he would do people like he does Matt had to have controll and thinks he knows everything I usley don’t say nothing but man maybe this is carma for what he does to ever one around him then it’s poor poor me (matt) really

  11. It is Matt’s farm, but why is he always claiming he wants rhe kids to carry it one then does not listen . He wants to still control everyone and everything.


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