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‘LPBW’: Does New Baby Josiah Have Dwarfism Like Jackson & Lilah?

LPBW star Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff welcomed their new son Josiah Luke Roloff a few days ago. It seems Tori was pregnant forever but now that her new little man is here she is amazed at how well he’s fitting into their newly expanded family of five.

Little People Big World fans and followers are gushing over the cuteness of Josiah Luke. Plus, fans are also loving seeing Jackson and Lilah dote on their new siblings. The cuteness overload is sure to break the internet. Of course, now that Josiah’s been introduced to his adoring public, fans cannot help to be curious if baby Josiah is a dwarf like his older siblings, father, and paternal grandparents. Continue reading to see the hints that point to the strong likelihood that Josiah Luke Roloff is indeed a dwarf.

Josiah Roloff


Little People Big World: Jackson, Lilah, and Zach All Have Achondroplasia Dwarfism

Little People Big World fans are overjoyed to finally meet Tori and Zach’s third child. The couple was open with their fans and followers throughout Tori’s pregnancy. However, they never shared publicly the gender of their third baby or whether this child is a little person like his father and siblings. Of course, there are many hints Tori dropped along the way leading most to believe Josiah is too a dwarf. The most telling indication was when Tori said the doctors advised her to have a c-section to deliver the baby. Recall Tori said a c-section was required with both Jackson and Lilah since dwarfs have larger heads than an average size baby.

Little People Big World returns for Season 23 in a few short weeks. Long-time watchers remember Tori learning Lilah was a dwarf while TLC cameras rolled. So the likely reason Tori and Zach have not shared Josiah’s stature status is their NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the powers that be at TLC. More than likely Josiah’s LP status will be a plot point this season on LPBW.

LPBW: All Signs Point To Josiah Being Just Like His Big Bro & Big Sis

Little People Big World mom of three Tori Roloff night not have shared publicly whether her son has achondroplasia dwarfism like Jackson and Lilah. However, there’s no denying Tori knew ahead of his birth. Tori had numerous ultrasounds and sonograms along the way. So her doctors were surely able to see if the fetus’s arm and legs were growing at a normal rate.

Roloff kids


Dwarfism is not as uncommon as one might think. Approximately 1 in every 15,00-40,000 people is affected. It is probably a very rare occurrence however for all three siblings born to an average height woman with a dwarf as a father to all be dwarfs.

Josiah Luke’s birth weight was the lowest of Tori’s three babies. However, in pictures shared by the family over the years, all three of Tori’s and Zach’s children are nearly identical in head shape. The Roloffs have yet to reveal if Josiah is a dwarf. But all indications are that he is just like Jackson and Lilah.

Josiah - Jackson -- roloff

Little People Big World debuts its 23rd season Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm on TLC.

Plus, same-day streaming is also available on Discovery+.

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  1. Beautiful baby whether dwarf or not…all their children are beautiful…looking forward to the next season


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