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‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler In Control – Part of The Matt & Zach Roloff Riff?

LPBW star Matt Roloff and his long-time girlfriend Caryn Chandler have been in a committed relationship for years. Many fans like the dynamic between the two and are happy Matt Roloff found a new love after his 30-year marriage to Amy Roloff ended. The pair is certainly in it for the long haul. They even bought their retirement property together in Arizona that they currently see for vacations and breaks from the harsh Oregon winters.

lpbw matt roloff - caryn chandler


This Little People Big World couple is yet to make their relationship legal with an engagement or wedding. Many LPBW fans are anxious for Matt to make Caryn his wife. Matt seemed to wear the pants in his relationship with Amy. However, as more spoilers emerge for Season 23, we see Matt actually likes letting Caryn push him around.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Lets Caryn Chandler Do The Hard Work

LPBW celeb Matt Roloff isn’t one to let others do all the work. Rather he’s a take-charge kind of guy. However, in the newly released TLC promo clip for Little People Big World Season 23, we see a side of Matt Roloff we aren’t used to seeing. In the clip, we see Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler pushing Matt in an adult version of a stroller many moms use to run with their kids. Matt seems to enjoy Caryn doing the heavy lifting and hard work.

LPBE Matt & Caryn


Little People Big World spoilers show that at points in the clip you can tell Matt’s a little scared that a bump in the path could mean a painful end to their playful adventure. Clearly, this is a playful glimpse into their relationship. However, there are many LPBW fans who feel Caryn Chandler is responsible for ruining Matt’s marriage to Amy Roloff and now his relationships with his adult children. It’s no secret the rift over Zach’s offer to buy part of the farm is a huge storyline this season. Many believe Caryn should not have interjected herself into a family matter of this magnitude.

LPBW: Zach Says Temper Is High Between Himself, His Dad &Caryn

Little People Big World fans are sad to see the breakdown of the once-close relationship between Zach Roloff and his Father Matt Roloff. In the TLC teaser, we hear Zach saying he and Tori made an offer to buy the farm. Then later after the offer was declined we hear Zach say the temper between himself and his dad and Caryn is still high. Caryn really should not have been a part of the negotiations. Now it appears her role might have been a factor in why the two Roloff men couldn’t come to terms.

Zach Roloff LPBW


There are many LPBW fans who see Caryn as a homewrecker and a gold digger. Zach claims his father’s greed overtook his desire for the farm to stay in the family as his legacy. Perhaps it was Caryn’s opinion on the sale price that clouded Matt’s judgment. Sadly the biggest losers in this heated family drama are Zach’s children, especially Jackson, who adores his grandpa. Hopefully, these two have mended fences since the filming of these episodes wrapped.

Matt Roloff Caryn & Jackson

Little People Big World debuts its 23rd season Tuesday, May 17 at 9 pm on TLC.

Plus, same-day streaming is also available on Discovery+.

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  1. Caryn should have no say what-so-ever in anything having to do with the farm or the family! She is not a member of the family! She needs to keep her mosey nose out of it!

  2. I can’t watch the show anymore. I follow Zach and his family on social media, but something is off with Jeremy’s wife and Caryn is just awful. Jezebel and Gold digger. If she leaves I ll watch the show again

  3. I have thought that from the first time she was on the show several years ago. Matt’s no prize but Caryn is nothing but a home-wrecking gold digger. She has NO “skin in the game” and she should have NO input on the selling price or decision.


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