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‘LPBW’ Tori Roloff Gives Update On Dramatic Emergency Hospital Trip

Little People Big World fans know Tori Roloff is close to her due date with baby number three. Meanwhile, based on the latest updates, it looks like Zach Roloff’s wife is ready to get this pregnancy done. So what’s the latest?

Little People Big World: Some Fans Think Tori Roloff Already Gave Birth

As Little People Big World fans know, Tori gets closer and closer to her due date. She also has a thriving social media following of almost two million fans. So when she doesn’t update viewers as much, it’s certainly noticeable.

Meanwhile, with Tori Roloff not being as active on social media as she usually is, some Little People Big World fans suspected that the TLC mom gave birth already. But even though she is closer to her due date, the baby Roloff bun is still very much in the oven for Tori.

tori roloff

TLC Mom Over Pregnancy?

In a lot of ways, pop culture glamorizes pregnancy and everything to do with being pregnant. And while there’s certainly truth to that, there’s more to it. For example, what’s not often shown is the battle with hormones. As well as the overall misery and pain that comes with all the bodily changes as it preps for baby.

Moreover, after eight months of being pregnant, it looks like Tori Roloff is about done with the whole thing. Tori shared a short clip on social media rubbing her very pregnant belly. And she included the caption “over it”.

Of course, as Little People Big World fans can see from the clip, the weather looks dreary outside – gray and gloomy with hard rain coming down. So it could be she is over the weather too.

tori roloff water broke fail

LPBW Mom Rushed to Hospital – False Alarm?

With Tori Roloff’s updates sporadic of late, her most recent one alarmed Little People Big World fans. She was rushed to the hospital because she thought her water broke. But it turns out it was a false alarm.

Tori added that everything that went down was “dramatic”. And of course, it didn’t help that snow was coming down as well. At least for now, this was a false alarm for the TLC star. But she said the entire ordeal was “super embarrassing”.

Luckily, the baby is healthy. And Tori added that she is using that “false alarm” to help her get more organized and prepared for the real thing.

Little People Big World Baby Almost Here

With Tori Roloff soon to give birth to the next Roloff baby, many Little People Big World fans speculate that Tori Roloff is now on bed rest until the baby arrives. Certainly, given how far along she is, that would make sense.

Additionally, when you take into account that she isn’t sharing updates as often as she usually does, that also adds some merit to it. Along with that, Tori has expressed the pain she feels in her hips. And this can often make it difficult to do everyday tasks like walking, depending on the severity.

Luckily, it seems Zach Roloff has been able to pick up the slack and help his wife during this difficult stage. But if nothing else, Tori is almost at the finish line. And that could certainly offer comfort as she is in the home stretch of this pregnancy.



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