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‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Shocking Sheila Carter Death Twist?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say fans are in for a huge plot twist in the near future. With the recent killing of Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) Husband Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan). Fans have been in an uproar over the murdering mother, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown).

Brad Bell promised death and a twist in upcoming episodes. Chatter is another death on the horizon. Could it be the nasty villainess Sheila Carter finally meets her demise? If so the question will be by whose hands?

sheila carter

One More Round Of Death On The Bold and the Beautiful?

Death is said to be knocking at the door of The Bold and the Beautiful again, is it for the murdering mother? Sheila is understandably distressed after killing her son Finn while attempting to murder his wife Steffy — hey, it happens. “The anguish she’s experiencing… is unbearable,” Kimberlin Brown, who plays the character, told Soap Opera Digest.


It’s so overpowering that the crazy woman climbs to the hospital’s rooftop this week, allegedly intending to take a flying leap. “Unbeknownst to her, Taylor follows her, and there’s some really interesting stuff happening on that roof that will absolutely affect the scenario,” Brown continues.

Dr. Taylor Takes On Helping the Lunatic Mother Sheila

If Taylor knew it was Sheila who had shot her son-in-law and put her daughter in a coma, she would probably urge the nut forward rather than hold her back. Taylor, who is in the dark, advises Sheila against making that move. Brown says, “She sincerely wants to see the good in people and always wants to help others.” Taylor is “really concerned” since she witnesses Sheila’s anguish during this “awful period.”

steffy amd finn

Even if Taylor is successful in prolonging the murdering mother’s life, we anticipate we’ll be left with a “Who killed Sheila?” mystery. Finn may now be crossed off the list of suspects, and the motivations of some of the others have shifted. Fans have expressed joy in the death of the crazy Sheila Carter. Will Brad Bell give the fans what they want? But then again if he does will she stay dead?

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