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LPBW: Sign That Tori Roloff’s New Baby Is Not a Dwarf?


Little People Big World star Tori Roloff continues to experience changes in her body as she inches closer to her due date. The wife of Zach Roloff has been handling her pregnancy like a pro, which fans admired. However, it seems Tori feels somewhat different with her growing belly. Here’s why.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Feels Big Amid Third Pregnancy

Pregnant Tori Roloff admits to feeling extra big in her third pregnancy. The Little People Big World star took to her Instagram and opened up about the changes in her body, particularly her growing baby bump.

Tori revealed that this pregnancy gave her a bigger tummy than her previous ones. The soon-to-be mom of three said she has gotten so big that even her pregnancy clothes don’t fit her anymore.

“I’m at that point in pregnancy where my maternity clothes don’t even fit me anymore,” Tori Roloff wrote. “I just feel giant.”

Tori Roloff added that she recently saw a pregnant woman online and couldn’t help but compare their bellies. The Little People Big World star felt like they both had the same bump size, which somehow made her feel “less huge.”

However, she later finds out that the woman is pregnant with twins, thus a bigger belly.

Tori Lilah Jackson Roloff - LPBW

LPBW: Fans Think It’s a Sign That New Baby Is Not a Dwarf

Tori Roloff’s latest posts sparked speculations that she and Zach Roloff’s new baby is of average size. The Little People Big World mom’s baby bump at the moment seems bigger than her previous ones, at least based on how Tori describes it to be.

Apparently, some think that a woman pregnant with a dwarf baby will have a smaller bump than those average-sized babies. However, that may not always be the case.

tori roloff instagram


Jackson and Lilah Roloff were both born with achondroplasia. But looking back, Tori Roloff’s pregnant belly at the time seemed bigger for someone carrying a dwarf baby.

For now, there’s no telling if the Little People Big World star’s new baby will have the same condition as his/her dad and siblings. Tori has yet to reveal further details about her pregnancy, including the baby’s gender.

Tori Roloff Sonogram

Regardless of the baby’s size and gender, Tori and Zach Roloff are sure to love their bundle of joy with all their hearts. Jackson and Lilah Roloff are also equally excited to welcome their new sibling.

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  1. Third Pregnancies you will appear bigger because your muscles are more relaxed after 3 times. Have heard it is normal with any type of multiple Pregnancies. Hope all works out well and your baby is healthy.

  2. Tori I can’t wait to see new baby I know it will be a beautiful baby Both you and Jack have a wonderful relationship and two beautiful children pray all goes well with this new one


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