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‘SW’ Mykelti Padron Mom Shamed For Allegedly Putting Avalon In Danger

Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti Brown Padron, 25, has been chastised by Sister Wives fans for strapping her one-year-old daughter Avalon into an unsafe car seat.

Fans really came down hard on Mykelt Padron for in their words ‘Endangering ‘ her. Recently fans of Sister Wives flocked to Reddit to post a slew of photographs uploaded by the Brown family on social media.

Avalon was seen in the back of a car, secured into a front-facing car seat, in one photo that appeared to be a clip from a video.

Many TLC fans expressed their concern for Christine and Kody’s granddaughter on the thread.

Redditors Jump in on the mom-shaming

“Omg she is so small and forward-facing, I thought it was common knowledge to rear face till they hit the top height and weight of the car seat, which is normally 2-4 years old,” one reader wrote. Always!

“It’s literally terrible,” said another. “There is no reason for this.” It is dangerous. “Full stop.”

“I can’t get over this,” said a third. Despite the fact that it was stated in the text, I was surprised to see it! Why isn’t somebody pointing this out to her?! Maybe they’ve tried and she’s just not interested. In any case, ouch!!”

Avalon Padron

The reaction continued, with one Reddit user writing, “The car seat issue kills me.” As a parent, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves because nearly no child I see online is belted properly, let alone rear-facing for long enough.”

“At the very least, try to face backward. Ugh. This makes me uncomfortable as a former certified car seat technician “a third individual stated

Mykelti and her spouse Antonio Padron, whom she married in 2016, share Avalon.
During the incident, Antonio was also in the car with Mykelti and Avalon.

Kody, 53, and Christine, 49, had a total of six children together.

Christine loves sharing Avalon’s adventures in life like her first time in a high chair below.

Christine Brown Sister Wives

Sister Wives Christine Brown Loves being ‘Oma’

Sister Wives Christine Brown spends a lot of time with Little Avalon. Since her spiritual divorce from Kody Brown, she now lives right next door.

Oma Christine shares lots of pictures and captions like:

“Babysitting my beautiful granddaughter is as close to heaven as I can get!” #oma #granddaughter #babysitting

Paedon Brown is always on his mom and siblings’ social media to say something nice or witty. Paedon said on this January posting “OH MY GOSH YOU ALL LOOK SO AMAZING”

Christine Brown Sister Wives

Christine Brown a new person since leaving Kody

Christine has been considerably happier since she announced her separation from Kody in November, according to many fans.

She revealed the news after months of speculation about their breakup.

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart, and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” Christine previously stated on Instagram.

“As we parent our lovely children and support our amazing family, we will continue to be a significant presence in each other’s life.

“As we navigate through this moment in our family, we beg for your patience and kindness. Christine Brown, with love.”

Do you think Mykelti put baby Avalon at risk or were fans just being nitpicky?

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