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‘Little People Big World’: Jacob Roloff Taking Over The Farm – See Why

Little People Big World alum Jacob Roloff is continuing to emerge as the forerunner to take over Roloff Farms. Matt Roloff is not quite ready to pass the reigns. However, it’s been a topic of contention among his sons for years. All three of Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff’s sons have married and started their own families. Now it remains to be seen which of the divorced couple’s four children will continue the family legacy.

LPBW fans know Zach Roloff, Jeremey Roloff, and Jacob Roloff all have shown a desire to call the farm home. However, more and more evidence points to Jacob Roloff as the one Matt’s chosen to be his successor.

Little People Big World:  Both Zach Roloff And Jeremy Roloff Wanted The Farm

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff made it clear he wanted to be the one to take over the farm when his father retires. Certainly, it makes sense. Afterall the “big house” that he was raised in is already set up for a family of little people. Zach’s two children are little people like himself. So it’s an ideal situation. However, within the last few months, Zach and his pregnant wife Tori Roloff moved to a spacious home 50 miles away in another state. So it looks like Matt already has made it clear that Zach isn’t one he’s chosen.

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Furthermore, Little People Big Word alum Jeremey Roloff also had designs on raising his family of five in his childhood home. Sadly it’s been reported his father Matt rejected his offer to purchase the farm. Jeremy’s wife Audrey Roloff shares the dream for farm life for their family is not dead. The couple is actively looking for a farm of their own to purchase.

That only leaves the youngest Little People Big World son Jacob Roloff as the anointed one. It’s been a big year for Jacob Roloff and now all indications are that he is the chosen son to pass the torch to.

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LPBW: Jacob Roloff Poised To Take On Role As Second Generation Roloff Farmer

Little People Big World’s Jacob Roloff grew up in front of our eyes until he turned 18 and opted out of filming his family’s hit TLC show. A lot has changed over the seven years his life wasn’t documented for television. Jacob’s now 25 years old, married to wife Isabel Rock Roloff, and recently welcomed his first son, Mateo Roloff, a few months ago. Since the baby was born it’s been widely speculated Jacob and his family has moved into the house Amy Roloff used to call home. Plus more and more photos have emerged showing Jacob spending time with his father learning the ropes and daily operations of Roloff Farms.

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Jacob Roloff certainly has emerged as the son Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff chose to pass the baton. A recent pic shared by Jacob further fueled the speculation. In that picture we see Jacob showing off his growing and planting skills. No doubt a required job skill he’ll need to continue successfully running the family farm.

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  1. The problem with Zach taking over is that Zach has very little respect for the man and the process that made the farm a success. Zach has little respect for Matt, same as Amy did. It appears that Jacob is willing to learn and be tutored. Zach still needs to mature emotionally. His lack of respect is palatable.

  2. As I remember Jacob had NO respect for either parent and left as soon as he could. He made accusations against some of the TLC employees and now goes walking in like everyone owes him. Zach might need to grow up some, but he was always there working his but off. He was always dragged into the middle of Matt and Amy’s divorce, and heard complaints on both sides. He should have never had to listen to that. And then they want respect. It is their own fault. For the last couple season, Zach and Tori were the ones that made the show. I will not watch it without them.


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