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’90 Day Fiance’ Michael Ilesanmi’s Aunt Fears For His Life?

90 Day Fiance’s Michael Ilesanmi’s visa status was uncovered by his Aunt Lydia. The best-kept secret about Michael’s green card is finally out of the bag and Aunt Lydia has her hand in spilling the tea.

Aunt Lydia has always had a problem with Angela Deem and now her concern is at a record high. Michael will be living with a woman whom Aunt Lydia says is abusive to her nephew.

Kiki and Kibbitz of the 90 Day Fiance podcast claimed to have received a phone call from 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem’s former bestie, Jojo Disney. Michael Ilesanmi’s Aunt Lydia called Jojo regarding Michael’s immigration status, and Jojo spilled it all.

Michael’s Visa Approved?

Michael’s visa has been approved, according to Aunt Lydia, and he will be arriving in the United States in March 2022. Lydia appeared to be reaching out to express her fears about the hazards that Michael would face in America with Angela.

90 day fiance aunt lydia

Aunt Lydia Wants To Expose 90 Day Fiance Fraud

Aunt Lydia’s goal was to show a possible layer of fraud if 90 Day Fiance picked up Angela and Michael’s narrative again. The status of Michael Ilesanmi’s visa and his future with 90 Day Fiance have been revealed.

A Popular Podcast of 90 Day Fiance Angela Deem’s ex-best friend, Jojo, had received a call from Michael Ilesanmi’s Aunt Lydia, and Kiki and Kibbitz reported that they had spoken with her. Lydia said that Michael will be arriving in the United States in March 2022.

Michael Ilesanmi Has family In The U.S.?

Given Angela’s history of emotional and verbal abuse, Aunt Lydia allegedly spoke out of worry for Michael’s safety in America. Aunt Lydia preferred Michael to live with family in Louisiana rather than with Angela, who she feared would put him under her control.

90 day fiance angeal deem - jo jo disney

90 Day Fiance Michael & Angela Not In Love, Only Business?

“There is a wrinkle,” Kiki and Kibbitz said as they discussed Angela and Michael’s recent public breakup and questioned Michael’s voyage to America to be with Angela as husband and wife.

“Angela told Michael that she will do anything he wants but Michael better keep up his half of the relationship,” Kiki and Kibbitz relayed from the phone discussion between Aunt Lydia and Jojo.

Additionally, Angela and Michael will be basically living as a ‘business transaction’ according to Kiki and Kibbitz.

90 day fiance aunt lydia

 Angela Deem Steps Over The Line?

Angela recently recorded a TikTok Live where she stoked the embers of her conflict with Usman Umar. Supposedly Angela Mocked Usman and Michael being very disrespectful.


michael - usman

Kiki and Kibbitz also claimed that Michael no longer had authority over his new Instagram account. Furthermore, Michael and Angela had a joint account for a long time, but Angela was always the main owner.

michael ilesanmi

Michael started his own Instagram account a few weeks ago, amid the separation rumors. Additionally, Michael agreed to do an interview with Kiki and Kibbitz but he never answered when they called. The podcast duo thinks Angela is in control of Michael’s Instagram.

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