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‘Little People Big World’: Does Tori Roloff Know 3rd Baby’s Gender?

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff and her husband Zach Roloff soon will welcome their third child in a few months. The reality tv family is excited to expand their family from two kids to three kids. Many LPBW fans wonder if baby #3 will complete Tori and Zach’s family especially if this baby is average size and not a dwarf like their other two children, Jackson and Lilah. Rumors are swirling Tori wants another girl and that baby #3 is average size & a girl, will their family be complete after this little bundle of joy?

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Over The Top With Her Pregnancy Photos & Videos

Little People Big World mom of two Tori Roloff finally started to enjoy this pregnancy after months of worrying. Last year she suffered a heartwrenching miscarriage. She would have welcomed a child within weeks of her sisters-in-laws Audrey Roloff and Isabel Rock. Sadly that didn’t happen. However, Tori and Zach were able to conceive a rainbow baby later that year. Now their third child is weeks away from making Lilah Roloff a first-time big sister and Jackson a big brother of two.

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Little People Big World personality Tori Roloff embraced this pregnancy once she realized the baby was healthy. Tori started sharing more pregnancy updates and photos. She had a very risque maternity shoot which many fans and followers thought was out of character. LPBW fans felt she was copying Audrey Roloff’s syle not her own. Then Tori took it even further by starting to post videos on Reels and Tik Tock of her doing ordinary housework but with a sexy sensual twist. Likely those videos were made to cash in on the lucrative income stream these platforms generate. However, many fans found her antics off-putting.

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LPBW: Three & Done If Baby #3 Not A Dwarf?

Little People Big World’s Tori Roloff has only stated her baby onboard is healthy and she is having a smooth pregnancy. As with both previous birth, Zach and Tori haven’t shared the baby’s gender or if the child is a dwarf or average size. However, the way Tori’s been acting might give clues to this child’s gender and stature. On the show, fans will recall Tori was very disappointed when she found out Lilah was a dwarf at her check-up. So we shall see what baby #3 will be unless Tori & Zach already know and that is why she is treating this pregnancy so differently.


Little People Big World personality Tori Roloff is acting much differently with her online persona with baby#3. It could be because she’s no longer bound by her contract with the school system. It could also be that she’s matured into the woman she is now from the young adult was years ago. Many think her launch into Tik Tock and Reels is a clue to her, Zach, Jackson, Lilah’s departure from their family’s hit TLC reality show. Rumors are Tori ultimately knows this baby is a girl and of average size.  In the end, all that matters with this family is that baby #3 is healthy.

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