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‘LPBW’ Jackson & Lilah Welcome New Friends To Their home

Little People Big World brother and sister Jackson and Lilah Roloff are an adorable sibling pair. Meanwhile, the latest update from Tori about her children is sure to melt even more fan hearts.

Little People Big World: Jackson & Lilah Roloff Steal the Show

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with the show know, Zach Roloff is the only remaining sibling to still film the popular TLC show. And with Zach and Tori expanding their family over the last few years, their children, Jackson and Lilah, steal the show.

tori roloff instagram

Meanwhile, with Little People Big World episodes currently off the air, viewers keep an eye on Tori Roloff’s social media. This is one way to stay in the loop with everything this fan-favorite TLC family has going on. And this latest update from the soon-to-be mother of three is cuteness overload.

Jackson & Lilah Work as a Team

In the latest Little People Big World update from Tori Roloff, she said that little chicks made it into their garage. And from the looks of it, that kicked Lilah and Jackson’s nurturing side into gear. Even the family pooch got in on the action. Murphy helped take care of the chicks – and hasn’t tried to eat them.

lilah - jackson roloff

Meanwhile, based on what Tori said in the caption of her latest series of images, Jackson and Lilah are “loving” being caregivers to these small animals. Little People Big World watchers agree that the Roloff siblings are adorable already as they are. And adding caring for animals into the equation means a lot of melted hearts with this latest update

Little People Big World: Did Zach Roloff Miss Out?

Based on the latest update from Tori Roloff, it’s clear that Lilah and her brother had their hands full nurturing their new “friendlies”. And, it looks like Zach Roloff missed out on the whole thing. Luckily, though, Tori was there to capture the sweet moments for her followers – and her husband.

lilah roloff

Still, it seems there’s a good reason that Zach Roloff missed out on the sweet moments his wife captured. According to Tori, Zach was busy “cleaning their little house”. So, if nothing else, Zach and Lilah’s feathery new friends will have a safe place to stay the night.

Tori Roloff Instagram

And now that Tori and Zach have a new home in Battle Ground, Washington, they may even keep these new friends around so that they can have fresh eggs soon. Either way, Tori has some touching moments to remember between Jackson, Lilah, and their new fluffy friends.

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