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‘Little People Big World’: Tori Roloff Has New Side Hustle, No More LPBW?

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff is having a lot of fun pushing the envelope with what appears to be her latest side hustle. Her family’s reality tv show is her main source of income. However, with over one million followers on Instagram, Tori is cashing in on her celebrity with paid sponsorships.

Now the former school teacher found yet another highly lucrative income stream. This has LPBW fans wondering if she, her husband Zach Roloff, and their children Jackson and Lilah are not returning to Little People Big World as featured cast members. A new season is in the works but will Tori and her family continue to be part of the series?

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Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Is Enjoying Her Pregnancy

Little People Big World mom of two Tori Roloff is expecting her third child in the Spring. She suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage last year. So understandably she was apprehensive to get too excited early on with this pregnancy. However, now that she’s far along, Tori isn’t shy about giving her fans and followers updates. In fact, Tori recently had a very risque maternity photoshoot in which she bared more skin than she’s ever had before.

tori roloff photoshoot


Little People Big World fans were taken aback by the stark departure Tori’s taken with pictures with this pregnancy versus her others. Perhaps this might be the young mom’s last pregnancy so she’s going all out doing everything she wished she did with her other pregnancies. Since she’s not under contract as a school teacher perhaps that gave her the freedom to be more provocative. However, there’s still the speculation that with her move so far from the other LPBW cast members she’s also not under TLC’s watchful eye.

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LPBW: Tori Roloff Raking In The Big Bucks On Reels?

Little People Big World celeb Tori Roloff has found a yet untapped income stream for her to pad her family’s bank account. It’s actually rather brilliant and a lazy way to bring in some extra cash. Although it would be just as easy for her husband Zach to find work. After all, he doesn’t appear to work other than appearing on LPBW. Now a very pregnant Tori Roloff attempts to push the boundaries of morality in order to bring home the bacon. In one reel she was throwing red skimpy lingerie acting as if she were doing laundry.

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Little People Big World’s Tori Roloff has found that she can easily add $3k to $5k or more a month by posting little videos to Reels. Reels is owned by the parent company Met. So they appear on Facebook feeds in addition to other Meta owner platforms. Instead of posting cute videos of her kiddos Jackson and Lilah, Tori tries to play into the sexy naughty housewives. Tori often posts booty-popping videos. Keep in mind Tori’s  7 months pregnant. Oddly enough her videos of doing ordinary household chores are wildly successful. Certainly, there’s got to be a better more family-friendly way for Tori and Zach to earn money than to resort to those types of Reels. See reel below. 


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  1. Please do not try to compete with Audrey. You are so much better than her. You have more empathy and compassion than she will ever have. Beautiful pictures.

  2. What will your babies think of you later in life? Stay where you are and be happy just to be alive and with family please. This is just NOT YOU for sure. Stay incent and think of the babies first !!


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