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‘LPBW’: Why Did Matt Roloff Send Mama Huny Special Shout?

Little People Big World star Matt Roloff had a heartfelt message for his mother recently. And he shared the sweet words with his followers too.

Matt Roloff Sends Love to His Mother

With a new generation of Roloffs being born, it’s easy to forget that Matt and Amy are not the oldest of the bunch. Meanwhile, Matt had a special shout-out for his mother as she welcomed another year around the sun. And many LPBW followers comment on what a sweet gesture that is.

Matt Roloff wished his “darling mom”, Peggy, a “big time” happy birthday. This time around, Matt Roloff’s mother is 80 years young. And the Roloff family patriarch added that the number “looks great on the best mom a son can have”. Certainly, it’s a special day for the entire Roloff brood.



Matt Catches Up with His Mom

In addition to wishing his mom a happy birthday on her special day, Matt Roloff added that they would be passing through Arizona for an “extended visit”. So, it’ll be great for Matt to catch up with his mother in person. In the meantime, he wished her a happy birthday on the phone as well. So it’s certainly a sweet moment between mother and son.

Meanwhile, Matt Roloff’s social media followers chime in with their fond memories of “Huny”. Some even add that they remember her from the early days of Roloff Farms, before everything got “crazy”. Indeed, it’s a great opportunity for people to share their memories of Matt’s mom as she celebrates her special day. And there are plenty of kind words to go around, too.

Matt Roloff - mama huny Instagram

A Nice Break from Little People Big World Drama

As Little People Big World fans keeping up with the comings and goings of the Roloffs know, there’s a lot of drama surrounding Matt potentially moving Jacob and his family to the farm – and seemingly grooming him to take over. Naturally, a lot of viewers voice their objections to this, as they feel like it’s a slap in the face to Matt’s other children.

So with all of that going on beneath the surface, it’s a welcome sight to have a sweet update from Matt as he celebrates his mother and all that she has done – as she reaches the spry age of 80. In addition, Matt shared a picture of his mother with his update – and she has a big smile on her face. Moreover, it certainly looks like she enjoys herself on her special day.


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