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‘Little People Big World’ Amy & Matt Roloff Feud Fake, Friends In Real Life?

Little People Big World fans are accustomed to seeing Amy Roloff and her ex-husband Matt Roloff fight on their family’s hit TLC show. Of course, the divorced couple had their fair share of issues to work out. It’s now been several years since their divorce. Both Matt and Amy have found love and happiness with other people. Amy married Chris Marek last summer while Matt is in a long-term relationship with Caryn Chandler.


Matt and Amy seem to always be at each other’s throats while TLC’s cameras roll. However recent social media posts by the former spouses indicate the couple really are not the angry exes LPBW fans see on the show. Continue reading to see why Matt, Amy, and other new significant others might actually be besties in real life.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff And Chris Marek Have A Bromance

Little People Big World stars Matt Roloff and Chris Marek have formed an unlikely friendship. Certainly, it was uncomfortable at first for Amy to see her ex-husband and her new love bond and become buddies. However, the two men seem to have forged quite a friendship. The guys text, share jokes and even hang out without their ladies present.


Little People Big World watchers saw Amy wed Chris at the farm Matt owns and Amy used to live on. Sadly Amy and Chris opted to not have Matt and Caryn at their wedding. LPBW fans thought that was mean of Amy. However, in hindsight, that entire situation likely was staged by TLC to bolster ratings. The reality stars seem to be the best of friends in real life however in reel life they are portrayed as adversaries.

LPBW: Amy, Chris, Matt, And Caryn Together in Arizona

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff and long-time girlfriend Caryn Chandler own a home in Arizona. They spend a few months of the year there unwinding and building a life together away from the demands of the farm. It’s their little sanctuary and ultimately will be where they retire. This week newlyweds Amy and Chris Marek are also spending a little time away from Oregon. They’re enjoying spending time together on adventures. In fact, Amy and Chris are now in Sedona Arizona, and posting pictures of their latest adventures.

Little People Big World fans also have enjoyed seeing pictures Matt shared of himself and Caryn also on vacation in Sedona. Their pictures look nearly identical to those Amy shared of her and Chris in the exact same location. Is it a coincidence? The answer is likely no. Although all four are in Sedona neither have shared pictures of the foursome together. However, it’s more likely the two exes and their new loves are indeed together enjoying a couples vacation.


Perhaps this is filmed for the next season of Little People Big World although these pics may shatter the narrative of Amy and Matt bickering and Amy and Caryn not liking each other. LPBW fans can draw their own conclusions whether the four have a real friendship and the animosity is manufactured by TLC solely for ratings.

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