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Matt Roloff Drama Continues – Farmhouse Prepped For Renovation, But For Who?

Little People Big World fans see the farmhouse drama play out between Jacob Roloff, Matt Roloff, and even Caryn Chandler as the latest saga unfolds at Roloff Farms. Meanwhile, a lot of fans are sick of seeing it all play out like a daytime soap.

Little People Big World: Who Gets the Keys to Roloff Farms?

Lately, Little People Big World speculation has been making the rounds that Matt Roloff moved his son Jacob Roloff and his family to Roloff Farms. This is particularly surprising given the fact that Jacob is the most “out there” of all the Roloff siblings. And he seems like the least likely candidate to inherit the keys to the castle, so to speak.

Jacob Roloff, Isabel Rock, and little Mateo all seem to be spending more time around Roloff Farms. And Jacob even gets his hands dirty, helping his dad out with work around the farm. Meanwhile, if Jacob is suddenly the favorite to inherit Roloff Farms, a lot of Little People Big World fans see that as a slap in the face to Matt’s other children – particularly Zach.

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The ‘Big House’ Fixed Up – For Whom?

Recently, Matt Roloff shared an update with his Little People Big World followers saying that the “big house” is being “prepped”. And many viewers can’t help but wonder for whom. As viewers know, the “big house” has all the bells and whistles to accommodate little people. So it would be ideal for someone like Zach Roloff to inherit. Even though he and Tori recently moved their family 50 miles away to Battle Ground, Washington.

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But, if Jacob (an average-size person) and his family are moving into the farmhouse, perhaps the remodeling is to do away with all of those modifications since Jacob and his family wouldn’t need them. Either way, who inherits everything Matt and Amy built is currently a hot topic among followers. And the drama currently plays out like a daytime soap, with Matt potentially choosing the youngest, black sheep member of the family to inherit all the riches of Roloff Farms.

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Little People Big World Fans Don’t Like Matt Playing Favorites

Certainly, these latest moves by Matt Roloff draw the line with LPBW viewers. With Jacob seemingly getting more and more in Matt’s good graces, many followers think Matt “sold out” his other children. Particularly Zach and Jacob. Meanwhile, there’s no denying that Mateo (Jacob’s newborn son’s name) is a nod to Matt. So it certainly looks like the lines have been drawn.

matt roloff mateo roloff instagram

Meanwhile, Caryn Chandler has been adamant about the fact that she has no interest in the farmhouse. So, all signs seem to point to Matt doing all of these renovations for Jacob. And it seems his “baby boy” gets the prize – at the expense of his other children.

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  1. I think all his children should a piece of the farm even if they don’t live there. All his kids was raised on that fram. So they all should be left a part of it. And Matt’s new woman saids she does not w as my anything to do with the farm.

  2. I think that it is Matt’s choice who he leaves the farm to. obviously Jeremy and his wife have not been very interested because they have moved away and are involved in their own business ventures. and if Zack and Tori really wanted it they would not have moved away but waited until they were able to move into the house and take over the farm. so why not Jacob? I don’t see Molly has any interest in it. I think the important thing is that it stays in the roloff family and goes on to another generation on this wonderful farm.


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