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‘Little People Big World’: Matt Roloff Drops More Hints Which Kid Is Living At Farm?

Little People Big World celeb Matt Roloff seemingly dropped more hints regarding who could be living at the farm while on vacation with Caryn Chandler. So, what did he reveal?

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff on Vacation with Caryn Chandler

As Little People Big World watchers know, Matt Roloff has a busy schedule. Between running Roloff Farms, being a television personality, and being a father and grandfather, Matt has a lot going on. Meanwhile, he makes sure to have downtime to unwind with his love, Caryn Chandler. And they took a trip recently.

It turns out Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler jetted off to Sedona, Arizona, not too long ago. Certainly, it’s a popular travel spot, with new-age shops and a vibrant art community. Meanwhile, there are numerous rock formations and different things to see in terms of landscape. Moreover, Matt and Caryn seemed to enjoy themselves.

Recent Update Hints at Who is Living at Roloff Farms?

Recently, there has been chatter among Little People Big World fans regarding whether or not Matt moved Jacob Roloff and his family to Roloff Farms. Jacob has been helping Matt out on the farm recently. And Isabel Rock and little Mateo seem to be spending a lot of time there, too.

Meanwhile, a possible slip by Matt may confirm this based on the latest LPBW updates. It turns out Jacob Roloff’s wife took video footage around Roloff Farms. And sent it to Matt while he was in Arizona. Sharing the video with his followers, Matt said that Isabel made him “homesick”. In doing this, he implied that Jacob’s wife was on the farm while Matt and Caryn were away.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

LPBW Patriarch Passing the Torch to Jacob?

As LPBW fans know, Jacob is largely seen as the black sheep of the Roloff family because of his differing, left-leaning views. Meanwhile, some viewers take issue with the idea of Matt potentially moving Jacob and his family to the farm – particularly on account of Jacob’s strained relationship with his dad and his siblings over the years.

Still, there have been numerous signs over the last few weeks suggesting that’s exactly what Matt Roloff did. And, this latest clip taken by Isabel (along with Matt’s commentary) certainly seems to verify this. Indeed, some watchers think it’s great to see Jacob and Matt bonding as father and son after everything that has happened over the years. But others wonder about how Jeremy and Zach must feel about recent developments – especially if Matt intends to give the keys to the castle to Jacob, so to speak.



  1. I think it will be Zach the house is better for him and he loves the same things as his dad. Jeremy likes to construct also.

  2. Jack is too weak to run the farm and his wife is very very lazy thy are both physicaly and mentally not fit for the farm


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