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Who Saw Juliana Custodio Cheating With Sarah Jessen’s New Husband?

TLC fans have watched the mud being slung on social media by Juliana Custodio recently as she announced her divorce from Michael Jessen. Brazilian Cast member and model Juliana Custodio has been accused of cheating on the ‘wine guy’ Michael Jessen.

A guest in their home witnessed the alleged event in Jessen’s home. Several of the 90 Day Fiance cast have partied at Jessen’s house on several occasions. Read on for details.

Who Are Juliana and Michael On 90-day Fiance?

Many 90 Day Fiance fans were skeptical of the Brazilian model when she first aired. Fans thought she was a young aspiring model who found a sugar daddy fans even called her a ‘gold digger’. Juliana won fans over when she said in her 90 Day Fiance interview ‘mens don’t control me’ that comment to some fans made her seem innocent. Then it got worse for older man Michael Jessen who asked for a prenuptial, fans went crazy after that. As Juliana bonded with Michael Jessen’s kids and his ex-wife Sarah fans warmed up to her. The fan’s consensus on Michael’s ex-wife Sarah Jessen Naso was pure love.

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Sarah Jessen Survives Breast Cancer and Marries Sean Naso

In 2019 Sarah Jessen married wanna-be rapper, Sean Naso. She seemed truly in love as did he. In 2020 Sarah Jessen shared with 90 Day Fiance fans that she had breast cancer. Naso and Juliana were both there by her side during this hard time. But with the recent headlines, there seems to have been a lot more going on between these two people than just mutual love for Sarah.


90 Day Fiance Cast Members Love to Party At The Jessen’s

Michael Jessen told viewers in one of his first couch interviews what he did for a living. he said, “I import wine, distribute wine, I work in the wine auction field, and follow anything that’s cool in the wine world.” The cast members that frequented Michael and Juliana’s were Syngin Colchester, Tania Maduro. Which brings us to that question ‘who leaked that Juliana and Sarah Jessen’s new hubby were making out in the kitchen? It seemed Juliana was always miserable even fans commented on her sour face while partying with Syngin and Tania. Did Syngin or Tania see anything while hanging out at Jessen’s home?

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Naso Makes a Rap Video Juliana Looks Pretty Cozy

Whoever saw Naso and Custodio allegedly making out in the kitchen finally stepped forward after Juliana made her split with Michael so public and embarrassing. It seems after the ‘Rapper’ Naso used Juliana in his video things allegedly got too hot on-screen and off. Shortly after that, she flew to Germany where she started doing peculiar lives on TikTok. She was telling fans she was depressed, crying, and said fans would hate her when they found out but never clarified at that time.


naso - custodio rap video

Who Saw Juliana and Sean?

A person at Juliana’s going away party spotted Juliana allegedly “making out with Sean Naso in the kitchen” at the home they both shared with Michael, his ex-wife Sarah and their kids CeCe and Maxwell. In Touch has the full exclusive and goes into depth about the source who actually saw this allegedly happen. Is it someone 90 Day Fiance fans know?

Juliana Custodio Pregnant But Who’s The Daddy?

Sources say Michael Jessen wanted to go to 6 months of marriage counseling but Juliana wanted no part of it and shortly after announced her pregnancy with her new boyfriend Ben Obscura. A man she met while in Germany. Rumors are swirling that Sarah thought her baby could be Sean Naso’s because of the timeline but there is no hard proof. Juliana has posted pictures of her sonogram of the baby claiming the baby is her boyfriend’s, She told In Touch “It’s really sad that this family has nothing to use against me and they are using my baby and making these stories about me,” she tells In Touch. “I hope I never have to hear or see these people again.”

What do you think about this whole cheating mess? Did Juliana cheat on Michael with Sarah’s new husband?

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