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‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Says ‘This Never Happens’

Danielle and Adam Busby are TLC favorites. Fans love following this family on all of their life adventures. Recently Danielle and her sisters did something that never happens. Read on to find out what the Mills and Busby families did.

The Busby’s know how to have fun and don’t have a problem sharing it with fans.

TLC’s Danielle and Adam Busby Go On Lots Of Vacations

The one thing the Busby family is known for is their luxury vacations and girls’ expensive taste. It seems if the Busby’s are not filming they are on vacation or on shopping sprees. Danielle posted on her social media that ‘this never happens’ with a picture of her and her sister’s at lunch then the next pic is all of the dad’s with the kids. The girls seem to be wild as Adam and uncle Dale are trying to keep them on their laps lots of fun going on there.

outdaughtered - danielle busby instagram


Strange Comment From Danielle Busby?

Considering Husband Adam Busby posts constantly that he has the girls Danielle’s recent post was kind of a strange comment.  Adam constantly has the kids while the wives go on fun vacations and sometimes just business in Danielle Busby’s latest case. But fans want to know what exactly ‘never happens’?

At the end Of December 2021, Adam shared: Target run and a little dinner date @craft96.dhk with these 4 tonight

Adam shares a lot of outings with the girls alone including Dr appointments with Hazel: “My little rockstar crushed another vision follow-up today. I think she sees better than i do at this point.
Cherish our little trips to Austin.”

adam busby - quints - instagram

In January 2022 adam shared a cute pic with this post:

“Dividing up the girls for separate mommy/daddy dates tonight. My 3 got ice cream… always give’em something to come home and brag about.”

Fans of the OutDaughtered family think that Adam Busby is probably the most hands-on dad they’ve seen. Adam is constantly telling fans that the girls have more fun with daddy than mommy. He is joking of course but he still has fun with it.

Was It Uncle Dale Danielle Was Talking About?

Uncle Dale Mills is definitely the “fun guy”. Fans who watch the show and follow their social media also know that he loves hanging out with the Busbys and especially Hazel. Dale Mills spends a lot of quality time with his kids at ball games and does TikTok videos with his daughter Kenzie. Dale and his wife are usually always doing activities with the kids. So Danielle’s post about ‘this never happens’ most likely are the quints with both dads with no mom in sight. You do see his daughter Kenzie on the sidelines and she probably did help a lot wrangling the little ones.

One thing is for sure the Busby kids have lots of love and support around them. Can’t fault this family for living life to its fullest, big shout to all the great dads who also do double duty.



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