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‘Little People Big World’: Tori Roloff Says Dog Murphy Is In Heaven?

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff has her fans and followers in a frenzy over her latest Instagram story. Hopefully, it was just a case of pregnancy brain or sheer exhaustion after all the hecticness of the past weekend.

Regardless, Tori certainly put her proverbial foot in her mouth. Now LPBW fans are concerned the family’s beloved dog, Murphy, might not be with them anymore. Here’s what you need to know about Tori’s most recent faux pas.

Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Shares Jackson And Lilah’s Excitement Over A New First

Little People Big World expectant mom Tori Roloff shared in her Instagram stories the other night an adorable picture of her oldest son Jackson Roloff starring out the window. The precious four-year-old was watching the snow fall outside. Tori captioned the story with “But can it stick pleeeease!!” The next snap ib the story showed a light dusting of snow. Indeed Jackson got his wish. Certainly, Tori was excited for her kids as this was the very first snow at their new home. Although it came a few days later than Christmas it still came close enough for her kiddos to have that memory associated with their first Christmas in Washington state.

Jackson Roloff - Lilah Roloff Instagram

The Little People Big World mom of two shared a series of photos of Jackson and Lilah playing in the snow. The kids were dressed in matching outfits and were all smiles as Tori snapped the pictures capturing this milestone. Jackson seems to have recovered well from his recent leg surgery. He was in full big brother protector mode looking after Lilah while they played in the snow.

LPBW: Fans Wonder What Tori Means Saying Murphy Is In Heaven

Little People Big World personality Tori Roloff lately has been making a few missteps on social media. Most recently today Tori stated in her Instagram story that the family’s beloved dog Murphy was in heaven. That innocent remark immediately had LPBW fans wondering if indeed Murphy has died. Tori quickly added to her post a picture of Murphy playing in the snow captioned, “Haha this is Murphy having so much fun in the snow. Is that a better caption?!”

Clearly, Tori intended to convey Murphey would be in heaven as in overjoyed to play in the snow. Much like her children were looking forward to snowtime play, Murphy was too. However, Tori’s poor choice of words sent the Little People Big World fans into a panic. So of course Tori posted another video to her stories to explain her intentions.

Tori Roloff Dog Murphy

All is well that ends well as they say. Murphy is alive and well and Tori Roloff probably could use a little “me time” to recharge and refresh her mind.

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